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“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai (*1997, Pakistani activist for children’s rights and female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate)

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Of course, dreams do not come true on their own, particularly when it comes to children, who are often rightly called the future of society. In poor countries like Laos, they don’t have a lobby to represent their interests. Just as with children in other countries, however, they should be given the chance to lead fulfilling lives.

A financial donation – whether large or small, regular or just once – helps Reading Elephant Laos to realise children’s dreams. You, too, may also want to give (back) something of what you have received in your life, or what you would naturally give to your own children at any time.

We guarantee!

We guarantee that all grants and donations we receive from donors on site in Laos as well as from foreign supporters are used exclusively and completely for our charitable work to promote reading for disadvantaged children in the province of Bokeo.

Donation via bank transfer (Europe):

For all donors from the SEPA region (all countries of the European Union as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican) this is the most effective donation option. 100% of your donation will only reach our account here (PayPal or Betterplace charge fees!). You can transfer a one-time donation or set up a standing order in favor of our account.

Beneficiary Bank: Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN: DE53 1005 0000 0190 6292 23
Recipient’s Name: Books for Laos e. V.

Donation via Paypal

If you have a PayPal account you can donate directly via the secure PayPal website using the button below. Please note that PayPal charges us a commission of 2.49%+€ 0.35 as well as exchange fees for donations in foreign currencies, which will be deducted from the donations. The full amount of your donation will only reach the project if it is transferred directly to the association’s account (see “Donate by bank transfer” or “Become a supporting member”).

Donation via Betterplace

You can also donate via the online donation portal This crowd-funding portal is operated by – a non-profit public limited company. You set the donation amount yourself. You can also set up monthly donations here. Please note that charges us a commission of 2.5%, which is deducted from your donation. The full amount of your donation will only reach the project if it is transferred directly to the association’s account (see “Donate by bank transfer” or “Become a supporting member”). Please note that automatically generates a donation proposal in favour of its own portal. This donation is not obligatory and does not benefit Books for Laos. You can also replace this amount with zero. – You will receive receipts for donations to directly from the operators of the site at the end of the year.

Donation via bank transfer (Laos):

Donations can be made by bank transfer directly to Reading Elephant in Laos. Due to the bank fees involved (which vary by bank and by country), we recommend using Paypal.
Here is the information your bank will need:

Beneficiary Bank: Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao
No.1 Bokeo Branch
R3 Road, Oudom Village, Huayxay District,
Bokeo Province, Lao PDR

Account no: 112-12-01-00123553-001
Swift code: COEBLALA
*Bank Tel+Fax: +856 84-212162

Recipient’s Name: Khamkeo Vongsavanh
Ban Nampok, M. Houysay, Bokeo Province
*+856 20-59515550

(*Asterisked items are not normally requested or needed, but requirements sometimes vary by bank or country.)


Passing on the Word

When you pass on the good word about Reading Elephant Laos’s concept and work to your friends, colleagues, business associates or family members, you help us greatly. Passing on the word attracts new supporters. The larger the circle of supporters becomes, the more strongly the needs of children in Laos are perceived, and, ultimately, the more purposefully we can jointly implement our “mission.”