“Children? Me? No, never! I can’t do anything with children, nor can I handle them. – Thank God that didn’t stop the Lao children from taking me in, practising a bit of English with me and involving me in their games in the context of book festivals, without any fear of contact, and laughing with me at the top of their voices … and then suddenly it was there, the unbelievable, indescribable feeling of happiness. I want to support Laos, which I have been travelling to for years, and have therefore been donating to this optimally lean association “Books for Laos e. V.” for some time. In February 2023, I was on site in Ban Houayxay for the first time for three weeks. The “feeling of happiness”, coupled with the warm-hearted, unprejudiced reception by the great, highly committed team on site, turned the time into an emotional firework for me, as a pure head person, which I would definitely like to experience again as soon as possible.”

Conny from Hamburg, Germany (Jan./Feb. 2023)