Yim Sang Pha Sert (Yim)

Yim joined Reading Elephant Laos as a full-time staff member in 2022, having already joined the team as a part-time student staff member in January 2020. He was born in Hom Souk village, Pha Oudom district, Bokeo province, one of eleven children, and grew up there, where he also finished primary school. He then attended upper secondary school in Ponglad village. He graduated from Thonysaba College in Ban Houayxay in 2021. Yim is extremely talented musically and educationally. He is very creative and likes to develop different new formats for working with the children. Among other things, Yim organises the tours with our e-bookmobile to the primary schools in the urban close-up zone of Ban Houayxay and conducts many of them himself.